Fire Brigade reports that a commercial kitchen fire occurs every nine days in  Greater London due to poor ventilation, which is why it’s essential you keep your kitchen extraction system in-check and have it cleaned regularly by professional commercial cleaners.

Over time, your extraction system will become blocked with fats, oils and other greasy deposits, which not only causes the system to provide a less efficient air flow, but it also increases the likelihood of fires and a build-up of bacteria in your commercial kitchen. These build-ups may cause illness and prove detrimental to your customers, employees and business.

At Topstars, our commercial cleaners in London have more than a decade of experience cleaning not only extraction systems in commercial kitchens, including those in restaurants, pubs and schools, but they also have extensive Kitchen Equipment Cleaning and Commercial Kitchen Cleaning experience, which makes Taybray a go-to for commercial cleaning services.

Our  help your kitchen to work in compliance with strict TR/19 guidelines. When a new, modified or refurbished kitchen extract system is handed over to the costumer, TR/19 requires that it should be perfectly clean, and fully compliant with the guidelines. Suitable cleaning access doors which allow for complete system cleaning can ensure a long, safe working life. We also provide regular inspection, testing and cleaning. In case of a fire or Third Party inspection, we provide full documentary evidence of inspection, testing and cleaning to demonstrate TR/19 compliance. Our commercial cleaning professionals are on-hand to offer expert advice and make the inspection process effortless.

To keep your commercial kitchen, employees and customers safe and your businesses’ insurance policy in-check, get in touch and book your complimentary site survey